Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The TEACH program (Teaching, Empowering, Achieving, Challenging, Helping) is to help young adults with job skills. Teenage kids like Tendayi are now at risk of getting into the streets with unemployment rate at 85% in Zimbabwe, there are no jobs for most of them. Some have lived in an orphanage all their lives and that is the only family they know. She is very talented and has done well in school. She loves poetry...
Baby Farai with no parents needs food and medicine and someone to hold her and reassure. There are many infants like these in orphanages hospitals and villages in Zimbabwe. They lack basics like medicine, clothing, diapers, formula and shelter. Some of them are abandoned and some of them are orphaned. I met a boy who was 18 months and the only home he knew was Harare Children’s hospital....
Let us go to Zimbabwe and bring hope! Mother Teresa once said: “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world”. I encourage you to join us this year and be a love letter to Zimbabwe Africa Mission Trips - We invite you to serve together with Heartkids Mission in Zimbabwe....
Children like Brite, Tadiwa and Kate are hopeful to start school but lack school fees I met Tadiwa and Kate at Chinyaradzo orphanage when they were toddlers. Chinyawadzo is the only home they know. They now have a brother named Brite who joined the home a few months later. The three of them are inseparable. That was the most adorable and touching story that I ever had. They were so...

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Over a million innocent children are orphaned or abandoned in Zimbabwe due to the devastating HIV/AIDS crisis. These orphans struggle for necessities: food, clothing, education and medicine. There is much to do, but each and every person has the power to make an impact in these precious children's lives.

Our Mission

Betakupa Heart4kids exists to empower the youth to realize their full potentials by encouraging innovation and providing entrepreneurial training and mentorship.

Giving Hope to Kids

Giving hope to kids is what we strive to do. These young children lack the necessities that sometimes we take for granted such as: Blankets, clothes, Diapers, formula, off the counter medicine, toys, and clean water. Please help us in this noble cause by getting involved and/or making a donation.

Make a difference!

Your tax-deductible online donation will provide meals, clothing, school supplies, and medicine to Zimbabwe’s struggling orphan population.

Give a Little & Help A Lot, Today!.

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