Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The TEACH program (Teaching, Empowering, Achieving, Challenging, Helping) is to help young adults with job skills.

Teenage kids like Tendayi are now at risk of getting into the streets with unemployment rate at 85% in Zimbabwe, there are no jobs for most of them. Some have lived in an orphanage all their lives and that is the only family they know.

She is very talented and has done well in school. She loves poetry and is very polite.
Another young man I met is Kuda. He went to learn how to design and make clothes and he loves making clothes! The clothes we found him wearing he made himself. The problem is that he cannot find a job with unemployment rate at 85% in Zimbabwe.

Heart4kids is launching the TEACH program (Teaching, Empowering, Achieving, Challenging, Helping) The goal of the TEACH program is to help young adults like Tendayi become entrepreneurs achieve higher education so that they can sustain themselves while they serve their communities.


  • Instill the ambition to pursue higher education and long-term life goals
  • Provide entrepreneurial, communication, financial management, and personal skills needed to succeed in career objectives and become model citizens
  • Instill fiscal responsibility and community service


  • Classroom Curriculum -  Classroom instruction includes interactive workshops conducted by Heart4kids Volunteers and experts in the business field on topics such as “What is a Business?”, “The essentials of a business plan”, “Count your pennies”, and “Market Your Self, Product, and Company.”
  • Mentorship -  Heart4kids students will use the Board of Advisors, comprised of community business leaders, as mentors and coaches.
  • Hands-on Participation - Students are given opportunity to be an “Entrepreneur for a Day” in the business of their choice.  Heart4kids’ Board of Advisors will identify companies that will sponsor students as entrepreneurs for a day.
  • Budget: $28,600/year

How you can get involved with TEACH:

  • Sponsor the budget in-whole or in-part
  • Provide computers and other learning materials
  • Be a Mentor or find a mentor
  • Help build partnerships with other organizations
    • Assist in spreading the word – within your circle
    • Employers, school, church, doctors, dentists
  • Join our Leadership Team or become a Volunteer
    • For qualified students non-paid Internships
    • Travel with Hope Trips to  Zimbabwe and TEACH the kids.

List of TEACH Program Needs:
  • School Supplies, Training Materials, Laptops, Software, Seed money