Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Current Projects


The T.E.A.C.H.(Teaching, Empowering, Achieving, Challenging, Helping) Program

Empowering young adults to start their own businesses


Tendayi is a young woman we met recently in Zimbabwe who is smart, talented, loves poetry and is very polite. With an unemployment rate of 85%, there are no jobs for teenagers like Tendayi. Some have lived in an orphanage all their lives and that is the only family they know. These young people need your help to reach their full potential.

The Goal:
Heart4kids is launching the T.E.A.C.H. program to empower more than 200 young adults in Zimbabwe to start their own sustainable businesses by giving them training, mentoring and eventually, micro loans.

The Plan:
Through an interactive process involving project leaders, volunteers and local community leaders, Heart4kids will identify the most pressing needs of a given village. On the basis of that analysis, projects and possible business opportunities for students will be assessed. We will then identify students who have the drive and the desire to be trained in entrepreneurship. These students will be given the communication, financial management, and personal skills they need to launch their businesses and to become model citizens within their communities.

Each program participant will be encouraged to understand their roles and responsibilities in mentoring and supporting the young entrepreneurs. Once the first class graduates, they will be given seed money and a mentor. Participant’s progress will be monitored and evaluated on a monthly and quarterly basis by project administrators.


  • Train the next generation of leaders in the communication, financial management, conflict resolution and personal skills they need to succeed in business and become model citizens.
  • Instill the ambition to pursue higher education and long-term life goals.
  • Teach fiscal responsibility and the importance of community service.
  • By early 2017, empower 200 young adults in Zimbabwe to launch their own sustainable businesses.


  • Classroom Curriculum—Classroom instruction includes interactive workshops conducted by Heart4kids volunteers and experts on topics such as “The Essentials of a Business Plan,” “Count Your Pennies,” and “Market Yourself, Your Product, and Your Company.”
  • Mentorship—Heart4kids students will use the Board of Advisors, comprised of community business leaders, as mentors and coaches.
  • Hands-on Participation—Students are given the opportunity to be an “Entrepreneur for a Day” in the business of their choice. Heart4kids’ Board of Advisors will identify companies that will sponsor students as entrepreneurs for a day.

How you can get involved with T.E.A.C.H.:
Heart4kids staff and volunteers are unpaid. However, we need supplies to get the teaching center up and running and we need to pay local instructors and experts to help us administer the program.

  • Sponsor the budget in whole or in part
  • Provide computers and other learning materials
  • Be a mentor or find a mentor
  • Help build partnerships with other organizations
  • Assist in spreading the word within your circle (employer, school, church, community, etc.)
  • Join our Leadership Team or become a volunteer
  • Apply for a non-paid internship


Send a Child to School Program -  providing school fees and uniforms

Children in Zimbabwe are dropping out of school at an alarming rate. Many cannot afford even modest school fees. Others are so hungry they are forced to take odd jobs in exchange for food. Urgent help is needed. Imagine if your child didn’t have even the basic supplies needed for their education.

You can help a child stay in school for as little as $95 per year.

$95 will cover school fees, a uniform and the basic supplies one child in Zimbabwe needs to remain in school for one year. If you cannot donate the entire $95, consider making a smaller donation. Your money will be added to the education fund and go directly to helping a child receive the education they need to build a better life. Know that when you invest in a child’s education, you give them a future and you make the world a better place for the next generation.

How the Program Works
Heart4kids works with village elders and school headmasters to identify at-risk children and provide them with the direct support they need to stay in school. Money raised through our program will enable Heart4kids to make direct payments to the schools to sponsor individual children, to provide their uniforms, and to make sure they have the school supplies they need.

School fees are $20 per term (3 terms per year)

Uniform - Each child needs 1 uniform per year which is composed of the following:

Shirts $8 each
Trouser/Shorts $10
Jersey $15
Socks $1 per pair
Dress (girls) $10
Shoes $15

Our goal is sponsor 200 children in 2017 alone and to grow the program each year. In order to reach that goal we need to raise $20,000. The more money we raise through your generous support, the more children we can help!